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our selves

From conception to death, asleep or awake we construct our selves in each and every moment and in ever increasing detail. Consequently there is no static self; in lockstep with time it is adaptive and dynamic. While developing then perhaps more like a holograph, nonetheless, our self seems to us somehow changeless. Knowable only to its self, it can only truly be known to God.


edit: 30 Apr 2024, written: 22 July 2023.

The terms 'mind', 'soul', and 'ego' are widely contested. Here then, broadly speaking, the term 'mind' is taken to refer to that aspect of an individual used to make choices; 'soul' to that aspect of them which is ineffable; and'ego' to that aspect of them which they know as themselves. The term self here then refers to the conscious, unconscious, pre-conscious and sub-conscious expressions of an individual's 'mind', 'ego', and body, together with any aspect of their temporal biological reality which is their 'soul'.

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edit: 22 July 2023.

In the 70's, I understood that a holograph —the image of an object from which a reconstruction (a hologram) of that object can be made in it's absence— had the property that it encoded an object completely at all resolutions i.e. that as the physical and informational size of a holograph grows, or shrinks, only the degree of detail of the object recorded increases or decreases. If then a holograph is broken into pieces, the recorded object can be 'recreated' from any of them with a degree of detail commensurate with the physical/informational size of the piece used. It is this recalled quality of a holograph that I use here as an analogy for the self and its construction —whether in fact I correctly ascribe this quality to a holograph, however, I have been unable to ascertain.

It is as correct, as it is incorrect, to say that hormones create love, as to say that love creates hormones.

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