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our kingdom

The biological taxa in which our species, homo sapiens, is classified together with all other mammals, insects, reptiles, and fish, is called animalia. It is one of the six kingdoms of the domain eukaryota, one of the three domains that together classify all the life our planet contains — the other two are: bacteria, and archaea.

It is estimated that life in the domain bacteria accounts for around 73% of the biomass of our planet, while the domain archaea, containing all other individual, single cell organisms that do not have a nucleus, accounts for 15-20%. Our domain, eukaryote, then accounts for the remaining 5-10%.

The eukaryote domain contains four kingdoms besides animalia, 'our' kingdom:— plantae, containing all terrestrial and aquatic forests, plants, and algae; fungi; brown algae; slime molds; and protozoa.

Yet humanity punches above its weight:

open quotation markWe're replacing the wild with the tame. Half of the fertile land on earth is now farmland. 70% of the mass of birds on this planet are domestic birds. The vast majority, chickens. We account for over one-third of the weight of mammals on earth. A further 60% are the animals we raise to eat. The rest, from mice to whales, make up just 4%.
attributed to Sir David Attenborough, in 'David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet.'


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