building capacityPhoenix change consultancy is registered as a company in the UK and Finland. Working in Russia, as well as in the UK and Finland, clients have included universities, hospitals, local governments, private companies, QUANGOs, and Private-public partnerships, as well as private individuals. By developing facilitations organically with clients its services deliver sustainable change.

Inevitably, these services are based on a semiotic framework. An elementary outline of the nature of this is published here.

What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know, it's what we know for sure that just ain't so.

systemic interventions

Psychological and organizational systems adapt their behaviours to offset effects that changes to the environments on which they depend would otherwise have on their internal conditions and processes. This creates the subtle yet pervasive bias towards behaviors that feel comfortable — we continue to do what we're doing and to get what we're getting.

Bias can be offset by engaging with an external reference point. Phoenix change consultancy provides this through coaching, mentoring and mediations. These interventions, based on understandings gained from broad consulting experience, systemically develop change by engaging with underlying relationships and perceptions.

Systemic interventions are immersive, organic processes. These are devised dynamically, engaging stakeholders from the outset to balance recommendations with inquiry. By generating strategies and innovations that are practicable and fully committed to by those responsible for their implementation, they deliver sustainable change.

Phoenix change consulting can, when suited, be provided virtually. Please contact me for further information.